Monday, May 26, 2008

Zooing it up!


We had bored Spencer with our fatigue and grown up projects all day, so the next day as we started our errands that sounded like more torture for this 7 year old we also made a big deal about a Surprise that was coming his way. We succeeded in producing the desired atmosphere of giddy excitement spilling out of every breath of the day, we wouldn't tell him what it was, just that a surprise awaited him. It was as much fun for us listening to him cheerfully debate what it would be as it was for him.
The Hogle Zoo was the destination and oh how happy was this kid to get there! We hadn't been to the zoo for a long time! Long gone are my nanny days with M. when I would be zooing at least once a week. Spencer hadn't been to the zoo in at least a year either, and he informed me that he would be happy to go every day.
Not mommy though. I did LOVE seeing how happy Spencer was but I always get so sad about captivity when I'm at the zoo. The animals are amazing and beautiful and its wonderful to be able to see them up close, magical even. And tragic. Too tragic for my nature. Caged just doesn't seem just or peaceful and leaves me a bit mournful. BUT....Spencer was a smiley happy creature and not caged at all so it was worth it!
And more happy memories to feed our souls. And some fun pictures, no?

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Mary Lynn said...

Love your hair! And I love your pictures of the animals. We had a blast at the Hogle zoo also when we went during spring break. But I hadn't been there since I was 7. :) (We went to Star Valley for Memorial Weekend and I went to call you and realized I left my phone at home ... I'm a dork.)