Sunday, May 04, 2008

A very mild rant : Polix is not Toj

I am realizing as I am being driven to the brink of insanity by my neurotic dog, Polix, that part of the problem is my own expectations. He isn't Toj. He is not at all the dog she was. She was so smart and so loving and not wild and crazy, she was trainable~oh so well trained! For me, she was the perfect dog.
And to me, Polix, seems like a strange creature from the depths of some overly caffeinated and crazy universe doing a poor impersonation of a dog.
Seriously if one more thing is broken at his hands (ok, paws, tail, teeth...) I will go mad!!!! And if there is one more day of his CONSTANT crying and RUNNING like a madman through our tiny house.......OY!
Last week I had a mystery roll of 35mm film developed. There were some jewels. May 2002 is my best guess at when these pictures were taken. This photo of Toj and Danica is one of my favorites! Oh how I miss that dog, my friend.
I need to accept that Polix is not Toj, will never be Toj and try to enjoy him for what he is. (An alien creature with no earth manners).

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