Thursday, May 22, 2008

Elder Moon is home!!

Stanton and Dena~yes I wanted to be in a picture, so I took it myself
Mom and Stanton

Stanton and his boys~Spencer and Makell

Stanton got home today from his 2 year mission in Brazil. We were soooo excited to see him! Especially Spencer who has been counting down for today for the entire 2 years. This 7 year old has included Uncle Stanton in EVERY bedtime, meal and primary prayer EVERY day for the entire time Stanton has been gone. Our prayers last night as Spencer asked that Uncle Stanton would be safe on the plane and get here safe and happy instead of his usual words about the mission made me realize how its real that Stanton was on his way home.
Spencer was too excited to sleep last night and so excited for Uncle Stanton to get here this morning that he woke up so EARLY. Just like Christmas I said but Spencer corrected me, "No Mommy, Christmas happens all the time, Uncle Stanton has been gone for a long long time, so this is better!" Yes, I'm sure we'll all agree, having Stanton home is much better than Christmas.
~and on a separate note: check out how blue our eyes are in that top picture! (no editing took place.)

Stanton, Dad, Bishop TaylorDestrie and Deja welcome Unlce Stanton home

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Mary Lynn said...

Holy Crap! I didn't know he had gone on a mission! I guess I was thinking he was older than that by now. But also ... he's not the tiny, skinny, little boy I remember. ;)