Friday, May 02, 2008

Oh my rough and tumble Growing boy!

Oh the growing! The growing! Enough with the growing! And the rough and tumble nature of boys! OY!
Spring is trying to get here and with it all the wonderful opportunity to roll and crash and rumble on the new wet grass. These are photos of Spencer's pants this week.
There has not been a day all week where he has come home with un-grass stained pants or no holes in the knees. Keep in mind that he Goes to school with clean intact knees in his jeans!
I must take a moment to rant about the pants issue all together. This boy Grows! I know that all you moms reading this are feeling my plight! A couple of months ago he started outgrowing his size 7 jeans in a hurry. Ok, this was something I could handle (growing to the next size happens, no?) So out I go and invest in some size 8s thinking they would get us at least through most of summer. Nope. A few weeks and he shot right on through to a size 10. Right after I'd made an investment in the 8s. Sheesh! And its only the length that are the issue. He could probably wear 5s if the legs were longer. These legs on this boy are gonna be long! On the bright side, we are set for cutoffs this summer!
When his dad and I were getting to know each other and started dating, my friends would joke that if ever we had a child together I would have to fold up the baby's legs to fit them in the stroller/car seat/tent. (Maybe they were thinking that the baby would be like a horse and emerge from the womb with full length legs~oh what a painful and hilarious thought!) Well, there was no folding necessary then but now...?
We are lucky that my mom is so willing to mend the tears and holes to give Spencer's pants a few days more of wear time than otherwise!
I know I was warned. Spencer's grandma Cindy warned me many a time (but Spencer was a baby, fitting nicely into baby clothes) and these days felt like they were forever away!
Days are long but years are short.

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