Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And its going, going...

I don't know if it is because I heart Neil Diamond or because I heart Wolverine or simply because I really really heart John but I thought the side burns were oh so hot. (see bottom picture) I wanted him to keep them. He tried, because he loves me and evidently would try to do anything to make me happy, but when he realized he was too embarrassed to go out in public with them they had to go bye bye too.
And because I realize that we think we are much more funny than anyone else thinks we are and we don't want to overly bore anyone with our childish games, here are only a few of the almost 100 pictures taken that night.

Oh I'm not sure if John will be happy about me letting everyone in on our secret life as big nerds or not, but here we are anyway! I can think of so few times that I have laughed as hard as I did the other night when John decided it was time (before engagement pics) to banish the beard. I don't know if ever anyone has had so much fun with a matter as disgusting to play with as used/discarded facial hair. Who knew that facial hair could be recycled into perfectly good chest hair? Corie may have known, but she didn't tell me.
My side is still sore from all the laughing that night!
Seriously though, I LOVE the sideburns in that last picture!

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