Monday, May 05, 2008

A boy and his Grandpa and a spin around the block

Today my dad brought our bikes to us! They have been in Star Valley in storage for a while. Spencer's bike is one I bought at the end of last summer at a yard sale for $5 and my parents helped put new tires on it. It is such a better fit than his old one, he's just outgrown it with all this growing he insists on doing so he's hap hap happy to be the proud owner of "bigger bike". My bike is one I got for my first official Mother's Day and I am pretty sure its been over a year since it has had air in the tires so its been a treat to have it up and running too! Spencer and I went on a bike ride Sunday in Star Valley after we got our bikes cleaned up and ready to go. It was so much fun to go ride with him! I had the impression from how he kept saying "Mom, I love this bike ride!" and "Mom, riding bikes with you is my favorite!" that he enjoyed it as well! Wonderful times!
Well, tonight I while I was cooking dinner my son was itching to ride around the block and pulling a 'busy mom' routine I kept putting him off with "I'm busy making dinner, wait" and "In a while, wait". As you know, Wait is not a fun word to keep hearing, especially when you have a 'new' bike ready to race around the block. So Spencer asked his Big Grandpa if he'd ride with him around the block. And what do you know? Grandpa said yes! I took a quick break from dinner because I knew these would be pictures I'd want, and that Spencer will love in years to come. I got a few great pictures (I'd hoped for more, but with a camera that only works 30% of the time these are good!).
I told Spencer that he should feel very very special. He asked why. I told him that had Grandpa's kids asked him to go on a bike ride he'd probably have been busy and not gone, but when Spencer asked it was an immediate yes. Now off I go to email my brothers these pictures and show them what magic grandchildren can spin!

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