Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm busy reading The Host

Rewind to MONTHS ago when my wonderful friend Emily Rassmussen tells me her sister Stephenie will be releasing a book called The Host which will be an alien story. I am oh so excited, I loved her Twilight books and what for me is the next best thing after a vampire story? Time travel or alien stories of course! (and yes, you read that right, Stephenie's sister, Emily, is my friend. Its the closest I have come to fame!)
Now usually I don't pre-order books. I wait, there are oh so many books to fill my time while I wait that it usually isn't a big deal. Especially if there is hype involved. If it is something everyone is going crazy over I tend to pass. Perhaps in the name of individuality? I'm not entirely sure. I just know that if it is for everyone I can't bring myself to follow the craze and buy into the fad. It took me until the 4th installment or maybe even the 5th to realize that I did, indeed, NEED my copy of Harry Potter the day it came out.
I didn't find Twilight until Emily guided me to it but I've accepted that Stephenie Meyer is an author who's books I need asap. Seriously, if you haven't read them what are you doing playing online? Go read them!
The waiting is difficult. (I say that about a lot of things in my life lately! Yay August 2nd!) Anyway, its like waiting for Bon Jovi's new album. Or my birthday. No, my birthday is easier, if I get tired of waiting I just start celebrating earlier.
So fast forward to more recently. I decided to pre-order The Host from I do love so many things about Amazon, like prices. $15 for my book and I spent just a bit more on other books I (NEED) and I have free shipping to boot. Oh but the waiting. I'm not sure if you get the point that the waiting is already agonizing but it is. When the rest of the world was opening their copies of The Host on the 6th I was waiting for mine. And waiting. And waiting. Perhaps I'm a slow learner, this happened last time I pre-ordered from Amazon. This time I found a solution..... last night I gave up on waiting and took myself to Barnes and Noble and bought myself a copy (for $15, I might add) for mother's day. I figured the extra copy will make a great gift for my mom, if she doesn't already have it.
And so I've started. I'll be busy reading for the next few days. Don't expect to get a hold of me.

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