Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Roasting over an open fire. No, not Fire, exactly.

A couple of items from our list of Great things we love about summer
1. Food cooked outside
2. Watermelon ~especially the first watermelon of the season, it just makes my "taste butts" so happy!

Roasting marshmallows on the open fire...er..I mean, on the tiny bucket of warm coals. Our Memorial Day barbecue ended with the warming (for cooking is too strong a word to use here) of tiny marshmallows. We had my friend Sarah over for dinner and the best watermelon ever. It was wonderful to see her, its been way too long!
We cooked dinner on my teeny tiny little grill that got retired the next day. It was hilarious! After we cleaned up we checked to see how the coal was doing and it seemed at the exact same moment we all had the same sarcastic light bulb go off in our heads "Where's the marshmallows??" as soon as we all uttered the ridiculous idea aloud we realized it did sound fun, and you can't say something like that without getting the hopes up oh so high of my marshmallow junkie (Spencer, not John) and we did have some in our hot chocolate accessory stash........so here we are practicing for when we have a real fire.
I don't think I've ever used the word marshmallow so many times in such a small span of words. Where is a thesaurus when I need one!? Ha!
~~and enjoy these shots of John's beard, for it is gone now! :(, I'll miss it, but its absence will make his mommy and sisters-in-law happy.

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