Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Homeless? No.

Only a couple of weeks left! The move is so close, its crazy how you can count down to something in life that feels forever away then you wake up one day and realize its time to go find boxes!
Instead of moving directly into a new place we're going to camp for a while then move into the new residence. So this move I am packing everything up and letting those boxes stay in storage for at least a month.
I get a lot of people giving me those worried "oh no, she's gone crazy" looks when I give an overview of our summer plan. That or the "oh no, you are going to be homeless?" look. No, not crazy and not homeless. My dream summer would be disconnected from the world up in the mountains somewhere with John and the kids and the dog. This is as close as we can get, a few weeks (perhaps up to 5?) of nice relaxing tent living. I know it is not a wonderful thought to some but to us it sounds like paradise. We'll camp close-ish to town, since we will still have to go to work (silly responsible adults that we are) and take the kids to a sitter~(and I do enjoy real showers after all so we'll visit my parents house almost daily I'm sure).
I'm excited to get us all away from the T.V. and video games and (gasp) yes, even the computer for a while. Real time together. And a campfire, what more could we ask for? Seriously how much fun are these kids going to have on our adventure? My prediction is that they'll love love love it and we'll all make fantastic memories!
Sunday I went to Star Valley to meet John and spend the day together. After our day I am a billion times more excited for our camp out ~and for our forever together~ and I was all the way on board already before that day! Sunday was so peaceful and blissful. We got lunch then drove up into the mountains, spread a blanket out and spent hours just realizing how nice it was to be away from everything (except each other, being away from each other is NOT my favorite).
Here are some pictures from Sunday. Happy happy us!

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