Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wedding plan update

This picture just may be of my wedding dress, what do you think? I'm still a bit undecided but so far I like this one best.
Today I made wedding planning progress! With Emily's help I finalized the fabric selection for the flower girl and maid of honor dresses. I've skipped over having bridesmaids and I have multiple maid of honors instead. I also have skipped the traditional idea of flower girls and have a mass of little girls in coordinating dresses who will all feel like princesses and have a fantastic time and make great photos!
The wedding still feels so far away that I feel very ahead of schedule with my planning. Then as Teresa was debating what pattern to pick for her dress and we realized that if she were to get pregnant today (she is currently in 'try to conceive' mode) that she would only be 3 months pregnant at the wedding. That was a reality check. In just over 3 months I'll be John's wife! So wonderful!
I still feel ahead of schedule in the planning process (what more could there be? I've secured the location and I've picked fabric for everyone's dresses except my own, I'm practically done!) I think I feel that way because the wedding matters so much less than this relationship and the marriage that comes after the wedding day is long gone. Our forever is much more important than our day.

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C&A Pitch said...

Congratulations on being ahead of schedule- at least you wont be last minute -stress-out mode towards the end... and I hope you picked the "right" fabric...I'm exctied to see what you have