Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Easter 2008

Easter looked a little different for me this year. We had Easter in a hotel in Thermpolis and it was a blast!
I have long been not so much of a fan of Easter, and having Spencer always makes it a fun time anyway, through him I've become more fond of it all the way around. This year, however, was Spencer's dad's year for Easter so he headed to Kemmerer for the weekend and I went on to meet John and head to Thermopolis. It is always hard to have Spencer gone and especially when he's gone for holidays and such (but much harder on me than on him~he had a fun Easter!)
Anyway we went to visit Sammi in the hospital then on to pick up the other kids. We knew we wouldn't be back before Tia's birthday so we decided the weekend would be split between celebrating Easter and giving Tia a 'turning 12' celebration!
I had a cooler packed with hard boiled eggs, dye kits, crayons and vinegar. I was a little worried about coloring eggs in the hotel (worried for the hotel cleaning crew) but it went great with only a few stained hands as casualties (mine included).
Natalie loved her eggs and carried them around with her, which so reminded me of me and my brothers Stanton and Colin when we were little. Our mom would have to make more eggs separate from the ones to decorate if there was to be any egg salad or deviled eggs, for our eggs were much too "loved" to eat! I commented on Natalie caring for them and it gave Tia the great idea to draw faces, write names and come up with personalities for each of her eggs. I'm sure had the eggs not been forgotten in the cooler in the trunk by the end of Sunday they would have provided many days of imaginative play! As it turned out John had hard boiled eggs in one form or another for every meal the next week!
Saturday night was spent playing games (or game) we all played a 10 year round of "Life Twists and Turns" then David and I played another round, this one a 55 year one lasting hours while John helped Tia download music on his laptop and watched cartoons with Natalie. A wonderful relaxing evening!
Sunday morning we woke to find that the Easter Bunny had brought baskets, but some were easier to find than others. I think had Tia not been the Easter Bunny's assistant this year she would have been worried when all the other baskets had been located and hers was still missing. That sneaky bunny put hers in the shower!
Sunday we had to check out of the hotel at 11 and spent the rest of the day "adventuring". It was wonderful. We went hiking and on a picnic and to the park. We talked and laughed and took some great pictures (that are on John's computer and I need copies of!). It was a wonderful peaceful day. At one point I asked the kids why we have Easter and it was a very touching experience to have Tia explain that its not supposed to be for the Easter Bunny but for Jesus. That was exactly the point I was going to make by asking the question in the first place. Hearing it in her words was beautiful. The day was so much fun! The only thing that could have made it better would be to have Spencer and Sammi with us. That's the plan for next time!
5 p.m. came much too early and it was time for the kids to go back to their mom's and for us to get on the road. We didn't rush to get home (as is proved by the fact that we didn't get to Star Valley until the wee hours of morning). We had a nice relaxing drive home. Our drives are full of great conversation and great concerts that we put on! I am constantly struck by how lucky I am, how blessed that I am to have John in my life again. He truly is my best friend.

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Mary Lynn said...

You have such a way with words! I wish you knew what was happening in my life so you could put it on paper for me. :)