Friday, April 04, 2008

BFF Ring

The BFF ring is here! Here on my finger (where it feels wonderful) as we speak!
There is nothing in this world I can think of that would be better, or more of an answer to my prayers, hopes and dreams (and daydreams!) than spending the rest of forever with John. He is truly where my heart is.
A while back he told me that if I wasn't careful he was going to ask me to marry him 'when he grew up'. I suppose I must have stopped using caution at some point because a couple of weeks ago he did ask me, and I did say YES!
One night a while ago we were laughing and talking and I told him that he really is my best friend. He said I am his too, then he says "I'm going to get you a BFF ring someday!" Which led me to translate "Is BFF ring code for engagement ring?" And him with his sideways glance and a shrug "Maybe"
There were plenty of what he called 'practice proposals' along the way, where he would inform me that he was going to marry me someday, and that I should be his wife. I would always jokingly say "is this it, is this the real proposal?" and he would tell me it was another practice proposal. One of his practice proposals really had me going, there was rummaging in his pocket (I thought for the ring) and the whole nine yards.
So with all the practice getting engaged we did I was a little surprised at myself when the real one came just how emotional I was. It is such an emotional moment when you realize your dreams are coming true and you have a real happily ever after starting with the person you are meant to be with. And so I cried. And how wonderful it is to finally be crying those happy tears! So much time has been wasted on the sad variety of tears. I am savoring the happy ones and these moments that go with them.
In July I will be Mrs. John Clinger. How amazing!
I told him my hand would look great with a ring on it!

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Mary Lynn said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Very happy for you. Sorry, I haven't been able to catch your calls. I'll try to call you back when I have a spare minute ... or hour. ;)