Friday, April 04, 2008

Spring is here... for a day!

It is so nice that Spring has decided to show up for a little while! The snow this year has been amazingly long winded. We have been spoiled with plenty of sledding weather but also feeling so ready for nicer, no snow boot kind of weather.
And Today, for at least a day we have bike-riding weather! There is supposed to be more snow this weekend so we're trying to appreciate this little bit of sunshine (I use the term sunshine very loosely as it is actually overcast...just not Snowing!).
Spencer and his friend Bryson have been out riding and racing. Jordan (Bryson's sister) is along for the journey as well but her legs are much shorter so her time is spent riding a few paces behind yelling "Wait for Jordan!".
These kids have so much fun together! When we move something we'll miss is having them just down the street!
But for today, while our street has no snow on it, they can play and laugh and enjoy their bikes and their sweet friendship.

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