Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Our weekend

This past weekend was PBR. It was like Disneyland for Spencer! He loved it! He especially loved when bulls he recognized (the 'famous ones') came out. He was so enthralled and happy the whole 4 hours we were there. He wore his boots and cowboy hat all weekend long. No cameras were allowed in so we didn't get any great pictures of the event but I am sure this is still a memory Spencer will keep with excitement. He has been teaching his cousins Darien and Danica all about it since we got home. They have all had turns riding 'White Magic' (a swing on Charlotte's swing set is standing in for White Magic) and becoming excellent bull riders. Bull riding is a play pretend topic that happens a lot with these kids and Spencer is sure that he and Darien will grow up to be famous bull riders. I can actually see that, except for the days she decides to be a princess instead.
It was a quick trip (we headed to Nampa on Saturday morning and came home Sunday night) and John was feeling like he was on his death bed because the cold I've been trying to get over for weeks finally caught him so the drive was a little hard for him but all in all it was a fun weekend! And as always, great concerts ensued in the car! Much of John's family was able to make it and it was so much fun just hanging out with everyone.

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C&A Pitch said...

you could not have picked better pictures of theses two! I love your blogs they are so informative and entertaining! love ya xoxo