Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Elk growing up, by Spencer

I know today has been a day of many posts but I had to add just one more. This is word for word a story Spencer wrote last week. I wish my scanner worked just a tad better so you could see the great handwritten masterpiece in all of its glory but this will have to do. I am not going to 'fix' anything, the spelling and grammar are as his young mind sees fit.
Here you go:

A Elk groing up.
Once ther was a Elk he was only a Week old he coodnt open his eyes
yet. 3 years later he was big and strong. A bear senst him. he was doomd. the
bear grould he ran and the bear ran to the Elk. He made a fast turn a bear huntr
was coming the Elk was watching the huntr get ataked by the bear the elk went to his hurd, the end.

I think my favorite part is that he was "doomd". It also cracks me up that the bear hunter didn't save the day by hunting the bear but by being attacked by the bear himself!
I love Spencer's stories! He is having a great time writing them and drawing pictures to go with him. I think I am going to make a book of them, a literary masterpiece!

And to go with this tale, a picture of the Elk drawn on the driveway by Spencer.

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