Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Intergalactic student exchange program

My niece Darien has a gigantic imagination and has been a foreign exchange student to other planets many a time. Now the really interesting part is that each time she goes to another planet the alien child comes here in her place. And so begins the teaching of the alien child all about living on earth. Yesterday I found out that Spencer went with Darien into the exchange program and this week I am living with Aggiggi from the planet Azuka and Charlotte at her house is hosting Ado from Azuka. These little aliens are cousins from Azuka who wanted to learn all about earth so it was a perfect opportunity for Spencer and Darien to head out to another planet for the week.
These silly aliens even needed educated about what is ok to eat. On their planet evidently they eat "things" not "food" so we had to direct them to the edible options for dinner. Darien, er, I mean Ado, says she much prefers walls and tables for dinner than this strange earth food. Spencer (oops, I mean Aggiggi) informed me last night that eating broccoli can kill alien children and he must avoid it to live. It should be an interesting few days ahead!
Good thing we didn't have anything big and important planned for this week! I can't wait for Spencer to get home to tell me what it was like in outer space!
Have I mentioned that these kids are some of the funnest around? I love seeing what they come up with, they are always having so much fun!

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C&A Pitch said...

I dont think you couls get better pictures that describe them! Great job Dena!