Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We love having Grandpa here!

We are so lucky to have my Dad staying with us right now. I think it kind of stinks for Dad that he has to work away from home for a while but lucky us that he is here! Spencer and the girls love love love having Grandpa around and it has been wonderful for me too. Dad is working on the University in Salt Lake and since they got rid of the apartment in SL my house is the place to crash. I know it is extra driving (the wrong direction through yucky rush hour traffic no less) but we're so glad to have him here. Spencer has really enjoyed Grandpa being here every night. Tonight Spencer's prayer included special thanks for letting us have Grandpa at our house for a lot of sleepovers.
I'm trying to be a good hostess and make dinner the nights I'm home from work early enough. It is always fun to cook for more than just 2, especially when 1 of that 2 (Spencer) prefers Top Roman to any other dish I can come up with. (I need to remember this desire to cook for more than 2 in a few months when my household will jump from 2 to 7!) On the nights that I am working through dinner time Spencer tries to be a good host and takes Grandpa out for KFC or Charlotte feeds the troops at her house.
The kids love having Grandpa come to their school programs and having him here to show their artwork and homework to. Spencer loves reading to Grandpa at night too. It is no secret that being a Grandpa could easily be one of my dad's favorite things. He loves having the kids around and seems to not even mind being somewhat of a jungle gym. He always has a grandchild in his lap.
And I know that I'll miss just hanging out with him at night. I so look forward to putting Spencer to bed and having my Dad to myself to talk to and watch our nightly episodes of Supernatural.
When I was pregnant with Spencer and when he was a new baby and we lived in North Ogden our place was the crashing place for my dad and brother Stanton when they worked in Utah. I really loved having them stay with us then too. It is a great memory for me that my dad and Stanton were there the night I (finally) went into real labor and had Spencer and that they drove us to the hospital and my dad raced some teenagers down Washington Blvd to get us there! Between my years of living in Evanston and the apartment they had in Salt Lake for a while there has been no need for us to house them while they have jobs down here. I realize the past few weeks that I've missed having my dad as an occasional roommate!
We love having you here Dad!

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