Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Plans for July 29th and I've been tagged

I am a fan of free local newspapers. It doesn't matter where we are I really enjoy picking up the local paper from the 'free' bin at the gas station or coffee shop. When we're out of town the news rarely affects me, but gives a feel for the town. Here in Utah one of my favorites has become In Utah This Week (aka IN). The best concert news is found here and I've really become fond of Sarah Nielson, who writes a humorous, slightly cynical article every week that always makes me laugh.
Anyway, on with the story, last week I picked up my Pepsi and In from the gas station and what is there on the second page? Motley Crue will be back in Salt Lake on July 29th! I saw them when they were here a couple of years ago, it was one of the best concerts ever! (I was a little bruised from hurdling seats and very hoarse from screaming and laughing but still, a wonderful experience!)
Also one of my first conversations with John ever was about Motley Crue. One of the first things we found we had in common was our love for this band. Keep in mind that it was the 90s, not the 80s, so it was not oh so common to be a Motley Crue fan~. And so we have planned our pre-wedding party for the 29th of July. John, myself and a couple of my maid of honors and their significant others will be enjoying Tommy, Vince, Nikki and Mic that night. How exciting! Yes I realize that it is only a couple of days before the wedding and maybe I will feel busy 'weddinging'. We're just glad they'll be there the 29th and not August 2nd!

On another note, I have been tagged by Lori so here goes..........

7 Unique things about me

1. I'm a nostalgia junkie. I love stories of 'days gone by' and old pictures and reading old journals (my grandma's were my favorite, but mine rock too!) I love listening to my parents talk about their early memories. I love nostalgia from my own life and family but also I love browsing at antique stores for treasures and wondering where they used to be and wondering about the stories of the people who once had them. And old houses, for the same reason, I Love old houses!

2. I may have to admit that I am a pack rat. I have tried so hard to not be. I can get rid of boxes and boxes of stuff any given day to take to D.I. so I really thought I wasn't suffering from this syndrome. But lately I have come to realize that I am a selective pack rat. There are so many things that I have moved with me again and again through out the years that I need to reconsider before this move. For example, Amy and I bought the items needed to make wooden purses about 4 years ago. Very cute idea, but never got around to doing it. Today I realize that I have kept the stuff (in case mood strikes to make them) for far too long. Since I don't want to make them today I am passing them on! (how liberating)

3. Speaking of stuff......Most of my "stuff" is in the form of books. I love books. Books are quite the addiction in my family. Its in my genes! I have really so very many books, of all sorts. Books are wonderful! Sometimes I go through my books trying to weed out some that I might not read again and pass them on or trade them in. (bookcrossing.com is a fun 'bookish' passtime too) I try my hardest but can never part with more than a small handful of books each time. They are threatening to overtake the space in my home and are always a hassle when I move but I love them. I guess as far as addictions go I could do worse.

4. I do my best cleaning when I am upset. When something is bothering me I tend to do all of the deep cleaning in the house. Good thinking time maybe. Things that never get cleaned get tackled then. My goal is to keep things just as spotless when I am blissfully happy!

5. My favorite kind of days are of the gray cloud rainy variety. I need those dark gray skies and rain like most people need the sun to peek out to feel sane. Nothing is better than a thunderstorm! I wish there were more days here like that. Oregon seems like the perfect climate!

6. I still have all the letters John wrote me in high school. They have been some of the very most fun (and some emotional) reading I've done ever!

7. I am a night owl. Mornings are very difficult for me and its a struggle getting up and getting going almost everyday! I can be tired all day and then get my second wind and be up late into the night. Rarely do I get to bed before 1 or 2 a.m.

And there you have it, 7 things about me. Enthralling ay?
So now I tag Mary Lynn, Corie and Charlotte

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Mary Lynn said...

Thank you Dena. I had fun being tagged. You are such a good writer!!! You are awesome!