Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Shoot!

The turkey shoot was such a fun time this year!  Spencer and his friend Brock both got to shoot at targets and clay pigeons.  They had a blast, Sean and Zach helped them.    We played bingo, got a couple of turkeys, spent time with friends, laughed and laughed. It was a great time! 
I really like the picture of Sean helping Cade "blow his hands warm".  Cade came running up yelling "Dad!  Help me blow my hands warm!  Help me blow!".  So cute!
The boys were super excited about shells from the guns.  I think we came home with a good million of them carried safely in little boys' pockets!  
After hearing we were going to a turkey shoot a couple of my friends were picturing something along the lines of a bunch of turkeys wandering around and a bunch of people with guns chasing them and shooting.  That wasn't quite how it went at all.  To avoid confusion, Corie thinks they should rename the event.  Here are some of the ideas we came up with for its new name:
Happy Fluffy Day
Happy Fun Day near Thanksgiving weekend
Fuzzy Warm Fuzzies with free turkeys dasy
A kind of Thanksgiving celebration, with bingo!
Happy Fluffy Bingo with a Turkey
(This list actually could go on and on, we were perhaps getting carried away).  I think Happy Fluffy Day is a good one.  I wonder if the Lion's Club will want to rename it when they hear that we'd let them use "Happy Fluffy Day". 

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