Friday, November 20, 2009


These are some of my very favorite pictures.  As you can see from the date stamp, they are from September 2005.  We were at Mirror Lake, taking the day to walk and explore and do a little trail hiking.   Magical mommy son moments.  I had my journal with me (not much a surprise since I have it with me almost at all times).  We had stopped so he could get a snack out of the backpack and rest a minute.  I pulled out my journal and pretty soon he wanted to write in it too.  This was when he was very interested in Godzilla and really starting to be an artist when it came to capturing Godzilla on paper.  This journal has pages and pages right in the middle of Godzilla, Space Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Destroya, "kinkidorra":)  .
I love love love it.
These pictures are so soulful and catch the pondering.  I love them.  These days Spencer has a journal of his own.  He writes in it now and then but at this point it is still mainly me that sits down and letter style writes to him about what he did on this day or week of his childhood.  My mom did the same for me and it is something I treasure and love to read.  I hope Spencer feels the same way later when he looks back on it.
My grandmother wrote and recorded so many things from her life and from those of her kids, those writings are also things I count among my treasures. There is almost no describing the passion I have for my journal and for rereading them time after time.  How fun was it to read back on my high school journals about John years later after we were engaged?  Or reading now about my tiny baby? And all the other things contained in those books?  Wonderfully fun!   There have been times over the years when my privacy was violated and my journals were read without permission and the thought crossed my mind  to not write.  Then I realized that getting rid of untrustworthy people in life is a better way to go:)  I know this purposeful writing is something I'll keep doing. And then share happily.

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