Wednesday, November 25, 2009

His list of Thanks

I, as I am every time my kiddo goes with his dad for a holiday, was sad to see him go because it feels so not natural to be away from him on special occasions, but I know he'll be safe and loved and have a good time so it is ok.  Before he left today I was making breakfast and I asked him since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and all what he is thankful for.  Then I decided to write it down.  Here is the list he came up with in about a minute.
Mom, John, Dad, all my grandparents, my whole family, all my friends, especially Brock, our house, our dogs, playstation, shoes, steak, our lizard and turtle, clam chowder, our cars, my toys, oxygen to breathe, water, the earth, our heater, elk.
Pretty good list.  A window into the heart of my boy!  I love that randomly in the list, steak and clam chowder show up. 

Now I'm just waiting excitedly for John to get home with the rest of our kids!

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