Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, Chipmunk!

As we're getting ready for Thanksgiving at John's parents house I've been asking the kids to tell me things they are thankful for.  And here we go...
John (yes, some days he counts as a kid), says he's thankful for his cup of coffee, I guess I'll have to wait until said coffee kicks in before things like healthy kids or his amazing fabulous wonderful wife pop into his head as things to give thanks for!
Natalie says, shes thankful for dogs.  Then I prompted for more and she added her mom, dad, sisters, Dena, brothers and hair.  She looks especially pretty today, she got herself ready for the day and before we knew it she was decorated with pink and purple hair and very very very blue eyeshadow.  Oh and she's dressed head to toe in leopard print.  She's stylin'.  I think perhaps I'll try to get the 'good' pictures of everyone Friday.
Samantha says there is nothing she's thankful for.  That she just isn't thankful for anything at all.  She does have a cold and I suspect she'd be thankful if she could breathe!
Tia says she is thankful for family and computers.

David says he's thankful for family and guns and video games. 

Later tonight after our wonderful day at John's parents house, Nat, Mak and I stopped at my parents house.  That is where one of my favorite things of the day happened.  Nat said she wanted water so my dad gets both of the girls cups down and is helping them fill them.  Nat peeks in the pantry and says "wow, thats a bunch of food you're storing!"  Mak looks in and says, "yep, they're storing it for winter!"  Then together both girls say "Like Chipmunks!!"   My parents couldn't stop laughing.  I love that to these funny 7 year old girls it is so logical that if you are storing food it must be for winter and it automatically makes you like chipmunks!

We had a great day with our family!  Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone we didn't get to spend the day with!

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