Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm Thankful, #4

In the spirit of being thankful and tying that to where we live....
I really am glad to live closer to both sets of parents/grandparents. It really is nice to be able to see them both at least weekly if not more. And to be able to be here to help with little projects that need done. Today we spent a little while over at my parents house fixing the roof up for winter. Then stopped over at John's parents house for about an hour to visit and see the kids. And we were still home before dinner. Fantastic. Being able to enjoy things like weekend dinners, having grandparents at school programs, getting to see everyone on a holiday. These things are the reasons we live here.

The photo above isn't recent, but its fun. It is Halloween early 80s style. Those adorable kids in costume are my brother Stanton and myself. With my dad. Spencer thinks this picture is CRAZY! He says he doesn't remember when Grandpa used to fix his hair like this. He only remembers when Grandpa fixed his hair gray. Priceless.

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