Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankfulmonies #5

As I'm listening to "Cool as Folk" on Yahoo radio, with my cup of tea I realize how great most of my mornings are. I am lucky enough to have a job that never starts before 9, or 10 and usually a little later than that. So I always have a bit of time in the morning to get things done around the house, relax with my cup of raspberry tea, which thanks to some great coupons has temporarily turned into vanilla raspberry chai tea (Coffeemate creamer has a great new flavor, vanilla chai, and the coupons made the bottle of creamer only $1). Anyway, as I was saying, music, tea, morning sunlight coming in all my windows, fuzzy socks, slow showers, time to get out and walk with the dogs, these are the things my mornings are made of after the bus comes. ~Before the bus comes is a little more hectic, if you've met my son you know he's only a morning kid on field trip days! I do love those mornings I can get him out of bed early enough to have a long conversation/breakfast!~

I do love these slow mornings of me time. It gives me time to gather myself and my thoughts and be ready to face the day.

I'm also thankful for how giving people are! Our 4H group's service project is off the ground running! We have received so many great donations that we can pass along to some deserving kids! The outcome is going to be far more than we expected and we are still collecting toys and books until the tenth of December. We are going to be able to do more for these kids than we thought. Wonderful! It is uplifting to see how 'good' people are and how much help they're willing to give to this good cause.

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