Monday, November 09, 2009

Happy Halloween Party a couple of weeks ago

A little later than usual but here are the pictures from our Halloween party this year. We had it on the 24th of October. It was so much fun! The menu consisted of only Halloween themed foods and beverages, always a hit. The entertainment was mostly just visiting and laughing with friends, with a little Karaoke for good measure, because really what is an afternoon at our house without singing? Oh, and some "blowing stuff up with dry ice". We like to encourage young scientists. Not rednecks, scientists!

The treat of the afternoon was that the kids went downstairs and set up a spook alley for the adults to go through. Terrifying. Really. At least the clean up was.

The kiddos were a grim reaper, a dead bride, a glamorous witch and a zombie this year (skunk, em, mak and 'boomstick') . John and I were cave men, er- I mean cave people. I wish I'd gotten a picture of my dad, he came dad! The kids were so impressed with his costume and how it looked so much like what he wears everyday!

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