Monday, June 30, 2008

Dena and John photo shoot

This one is one of my very favorites. What do you think?

Finally I'll share these, I have given in to the hounding (yes Liza, here they are, for you!). I had misplaced the discs shortly after I got them, and miraculously they were found when kids were gone and cleaning was done! (So hey Allie, all I need is a copy of the dvd now)
These are some of the photos that Allie Hoopes did for us. She's great no? Allie is an Evanston girl (and we all know how much I heart Evanston) she is actually married to a guy I graduated with (Derek Hoopes) thats how I met her. She has a fantastic talent for photography, ok lets be honest, she has a fantastic talent for almost everything and to top it off she's one of the sweetest people ever. Allie and Derek won Spencer's heart when they gave him an old scooter that all the neighbor kids envy!
I am really happy with these pictures and can't wait for her to take some of all of the kids.
I tried to put more up here but after 3 tries and "internal error" messages each time I decided that this will do. Enjoy, you can see the rest later (at my house, or wedding, or something!:)
The 3rd one down is one of my favorites, you don't get to see my FAVORITE because of the error loading it to the blog. Hmm.

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Mary Lynn said...

I of course love the one in front of the bus that says Evans... haha I also saw more of your pictures on Allie's blog. I subscribe to her on bloglines. She is very talented!! I agree!!