Saturday, June 14, 2008

Move, final, for now

And the move is complete. (until it is time to move from storage to an actual abode)
I am in Star Valley now. I 'm at my parent's waiting for John to get back with his kids then we are headed to camp! All of everything we own is either in storage or a few bags and boxes we are trying to carry with us. Ah, the life of a gypsy just speaks to me!
We are not nearly organized enough to make me feel calm about it though. I envy all of you super duper organized movers out there, really I do. I'm not mocking, I really do think you are super, I want to be a little more like you when I grow up (or at least for my next move). While I'm waiting for John I am going to go through these boxes and bags, of which some are the 'odds and ends' you just throw together in a box at the end. I need to decide what goes to camp, what goes to trash, what goes to storage. Then I need to go to storage and get out the camping gear. Then I will feel organized enough to relax, in control of my world just a tiny bit more.
We're really excited to have some down time together at camp. I'm sure the "down time" part will be a bit less like what I'm envisioning. We are throwing 5 kids into the mix, anything done with that many kids is not quite tranquil right? Good to get away into the mountains for days on end at any rate.
The move is bitter sweet too. I will so miss living around the corner from Charlotte and my nieces. I am going to miss Destrie and Deja and Darien and Danica more than I can explain! I feel so lucky that I've had the chance to see them on an almost daily basis and form strong relationships with each of them. I am also so glad that Spencer has had the chance to have his cousins right there and to get to see them so often and get so close to them. He's going to miss them so so much, only the idea of gaining siblings makes it worth it to him to move away from those girls. I'll miss living close enough to Emily and her family and Corie and the Jex's and so many other people to see them often. Emails and phone calls will ensue. And actual letters, what ever happened to actual snail mail letters? I'm so writing some this week!
Life is moving us forward and we're enjoying the ride.

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