Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Moving: stage 3, 4.....

The move is underway. The packing and moving is so near done!
Here we are packing boxes, packing the Uhaul and packing John's truck. How in the world did I end up with so much stuff??????
My dad and my friends and neighbors along with my nieces and Charlotte all came and helped the packing and loading project.
John and I drove the Uhaul and one load in his truck to SV Sunday where his parents and brother came and helped us unload into storage. We overflowed the storage unit and so my parents garage is housing some of my things, and John's parents house is housing a few items. All this and still there was One more load in John's truck today on this rainy Tuesday. Sheesh, why didn't I just have a huge yard sale and call it good??
I have a serious case of moving burnout. What really stinks is that ALL of it needs moved again in a couple of months, and at least once more in the next year or two depending on when we build our house.

As I've said before, I am the house wehre all the kids in the neighborhood play.........even when Spencer isn't here, I am still the house where the kids gather. So on moving day my house and yard was full of neighbor kids "helping" and playing. John is so good natured and just kept finding little jobs for all these kids so they could feel helpful. What a guy!

The happy news, I'm almost moved!!

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Mary Lynn said...

I love your pictures the photographer took! They are way good!