Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mountain Men (and Women) our last 2 weeks in pictures

Nat with her pet moth
At the first camp, the water to play in
Walking with Grandpa Moon
Our only existing family photo with everyone in it. Next time we'll try for showers, clean clothes, combed hair, something.
The snake skin that Mac and Natalie found
Spencer in the muddy water
Natalie, Tia and Emily on their way to the big hunt
The gang at Grandma and Grandpa Moon's house
David and Tia, getting ready to be tucked in
Have we seen this picture somewhere before? John and I are as bad as Corie and me!
Natalie and her new best friend, Polix (on a side note, Polix was so meant to be a mountain dog! He is doing much better here than he ever did in Utah! We are sooooo happy! The ear infections are even a thing of the past for the moment!)
Tia after smores one night
Race, who loved camp and the kids but is too old to keep up with them for long. He enjoyed many naps and watching from the distance.
The boys with Uncle Colin and Grandpa
One of Sammi's many pet snakes (not the one that bit Nat)
The dogs were oh so happy to have kids to love! They are sleeping in the tent everynight
Hey look! Dena gets to be IN a picture instead of taking it, here with Natalie and Sammi
Muddy water joy for David, Spencer, Sammi, Natalie and Tia
Tia and Emily make mud pies at their Cafe'
David after some shooting
The kids after our journey to restore the enchanted castle to the good people of the kingdom. These are a fine group of wizards, faries and a clown. Natalie: a Nurse Fairy, Sammi: clown, David:weather wizard, Spencer:hunter wizard, Emily:Mother Nature Fairy, Mac:Map and direction Fairy
Natalie with the "keys" to the castle
The girls and Jedadiah, they gave so much love!
Never has anyone had such a messy face/hands, or hair as Natalie after campfire marshmallows!


C&A Pitch said...

That was my exact thought when I looked at that picture!.. More reason to confirm you've found the man of your dreams... or Corie in Male form?! I love your pictures and your fun family- glad to see your having fun even though I'm not there. xoxo

Cally Leavitt said...

These are so much fun. I am so happy for you and your little family! You are so great Dena these kids are lucky to have you in their lives! Good luck and let me know if you need anything!
Love Ya!

EmilyDavis said...

I think this must be one of Carters long-lost relatives, because, yes, I think I have seen messier!!

Nicole said...

Wow Dena! You are a busy woman, I am so glad you posted on my blog. I haven't seen you forever and everytime I pull out that cute blanket you gave me when I was pregnant with Kadence I think, "What is she doing now?" So I am so glad to see first hand what it is you are doing. And it looks like you are staying so busy!! Its great to talk to you. Keep in touch!