Friday, June 27, 2008

Update: Busy Busy camp life

Just a quick update (photos to follow at a later date...)
We've been oh so busy camping. John's 4 kids have been here the last couple of weeks and we've been camping the whole time. We've come down from camp now and then for important things like showers, groceries, to go to work, get more reading materials, etc. I have had all (5) kids plus an occasional 1 or 2 extras (John's nieces). Such a change of pace from my one boy! Leda says I deserve a medal, I would so settle for a nap!!!
We've had so much fun spending time together and doing fun things, and we've also had our share of exhausting & trying moments. Its been an adventure to all get adjusted to each other and figure out this new family unit. John's kids are going back to their mom's to celebrate the 4th of July and Spencer will be with his dad for a while too. I'm so torn, I am tired and want a little break but I really don't want them to go! This time together has made me realize how much I love these kids. I have to echo my friend Ashlee and say that sometimes it is hard to understand "why these kids had to have another mom first". I wish they didn't have to live this 'torn' family life and go back and forth, I wish they could just stay!!
Some of our more notable moments from the past 2 weeks:
~Natalie was bitten by a snake (a non-poisonous one) this was very likely the most traumatic thing to happen yet in her 6 year little life. She has since taken to collecting "pet" moths. They do not bite as hard.
~All of the kids learned to do dishes at camp and have been taking turns each night doing them! Yay!!!
~We went on an "adventure/hike" and learned that Emily can talk to trees, Natalie is an expert key maker, Spencer can stop time and Mackaylynn can read any map, even farie maps
~Sammi and Natalie both got cute new hair cuts from Grandma Clinger, we still cannot persuade the boys to comb or even wash their hair willingly so they might be next in the hair cut chair for a shaved head look
~All the kids have caught pet snakes and let them go. In Sammi's case a couple have been loved TO DEATH. Natalie, like I said, is happier now with pet moths but she also loves pet worms. Spencer is holding out for catching a pet elk. Tia has made a new rule that there are no snakes allowed in the tents.
~Gigantic fits have been thrown over the idea that kids should: help clean up, clean up after themselves in any way, help out with anything resembling work, eat anything resembling something nutritious, refrain from yelling at and/or punching siblings, drinking anything other than soda ....(and now, 2 weeks into this adventure, the fits are lessening and we're making progress in the training of these little creatures! Hip hip horray!)
~John and I have toyed at the idea of leaving the kids at camp and running away, so far we are just much too busy taking care of everyone to actually follow through with this idea.

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