Thursday, June 05, 2008

Moving: Stage 2, mood faltering

Moving. packing. blah blah blah. I wish I could fast forward the packing part. And the loading the truck part. And the unloading the truck part.
You know how when you move you are so motivated to deep clean, organize, dejunk and all that goes along with that? Or is it just me?
Well this time around I only kept up all that good work for the first day or so. Then it turned into good intentions then it was abandoned all together and everything is just getting thrown in boxes now. With good intentions of organizing as I UNpack. Good luck me on that one! ha!
The boxes everywhere make my claustrophobia kick into high gear. And my knee hurts, and now to go along with the mystery pain it is making LOUD GROSS noises every time I move it. And if you put your hand on my knee when I bend it (which I'm sure you are all just dying to do) you can feel the LOUD GROSS noises in textile format. Ew. I know. And where oh where did it come from? No clue. Mystery knee owie. Getting worse by the day.
The obligation to pack and my complaining knee are keeping me from what I really want to do today, I want to go on a long bike ride. Its a wonderful cloudy day and I want to be OUT there! Not in here with the dust and clutter and boxes boxes everywhere.
I did turn Friends on to help me laugh while I pack to distract me from the fact that I'm hating this part of moving. (and points if you can tell me during what Friends episode this photo was taken. Jen? Anyone?)
Aaahhh. Sigh. Now that my whining is done I'll regroup and feel better and go be productive. Thanks for listening!

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