Friday, July 04, 2008

Directions to camp

Spencer gives the best directions to camp. It goes something like "Go straight and straight and turn and then straight and straight and around and turn and over bars on the road and see the Caribou National Forest sign and straight and straight and turn a little and straight and turn into our camp, WALLLAA you are there!!" All the while done with his hand very seriously slicing through the air to emphasize the straight and straight or bending to show the turns.
That's exactly how to get to our camp. Now that you know how to get there you can come see us!

With my hellish allergies and the billions of killer mosquitoes trying to drain my blood I am having a hard time wanting to be at camp much these days. These mosquitoes make the ones on Jumanji look small and friendly. But then again if only I could breathe maybe I wouldn't mind so much.

Grumpy. I'm grumpy today. I'm going to go get a pepsi or something. Something cheery. Then I'll work on remembering all the positives and why I want to be at camp.
On that note, I'm getting anxious looking in the paper each week at houses for sale and rent. Oh how nice will it be to have a place with a real shower? When camping can be for fun again. Sigh.

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