Wednesday, July 09, 2008

And a month ago was John's birthday

Finally I get around to important things like John's birthday. His birthday was June 9. We had a party that weekend at Aunt Charlotte's house. She, by the way, is a super duper cake creator.

So about a week before his birthday Spencer asks 'what kind' of birthday John will have. Kids birthdays are so often themed events that Spencer couldn't imagine why we'd have a birthday party without knowing "what kind" we were having. So I asked Spencer what kind of birthday we should have for John. Spencer gave it some thought and finally said "well, Momma, you are pretty much his favorite thing ever so we should have a party of you for him". Such a sweet sentiment!

And here you will see the pictures of the "Dena cake" for John's birthday. You will also see the flower cake that Destrie made for him in case he was too embarrassed by the "Dena cake".

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