Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family reunion

A couple of weeks ago was John's family reunion on the Schwab side. Yes, the one that AJ and Jen were not invited to. I was a little nervous about going and not knowing anyone but then I got there and remembered that I grew up with his family and did know most of them (note the picture of Kathryn and me). It was fun to see everyone. It turned out to be a really fun and busy weekend. John and I never cease to make ourselves laugh and this was the weekend we started our collection of posed photos. One of us will go up to unsuspecting bystanders and pose for a photo without them knowing and the other will take the picture. Silly? We make us laugh at least. Notice that Linda outposed John.
After the reunion lunch in Afton my new niece, Emily, came with me to make the little girl headbands for the wedding. Her sister Mac went with John to get candy and hang out. All of our kids were with their other parent(s) so we borrowed Emily and Makaylyn that day and a few others that week. I'm getting so attached to those kids! I love having them around.
Anyway, Emily was a huge help and it was so much fun. My friend Amy came from Evanston too. It was a huge help, I can't think of when else I would have gotten that stuff done. As the wedding nears I
Later that evening was the Freedom Community gathering. Being all the way from Thayne and all I'd never experienced one of these Freedom bashes before. It was fun and more amusing than I have words for. A plane flew overhead and dropped candy on the eagerly waiting children. Nothing like being pelted with tootsie rolls from the sky to make a kid smile! I was a little shocked by the whole thing and listening to John, Eric and Daniel reminisce about what it was like when they were kids was funny. So this is the first year they have given the kids hard hats for the event. Too many candy related injuries apparently. And a four wheeler pulled a chain of garbage barrels made into a train ride for the kids. Small town fun. It was a good time. I did love the small townishness of the whole thing, I loved how it felt safe and everyone knew everyone and was having a fun night at the park. But I got injured. Pelted by a tootsie roll. The bruise hasn't gone away. Next year I'm wearing a hard hat.

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