Thursday, October 16, 2008


This is what I found (as you will often find at our house) on the ledge of the bathtub after
Spencer's bath. Now, you won't always find cowboys and indians, sometimes you will come across Godzilla and his friends and foes. I decided today just to enjoy it. Not let it frustrate me that I ask him to pick up the tub toys every time a bath ends, not to make him clean them up right then, not to clean them up myself right then. Just to enjoy it. I know in a few years when these little boy in the house moments are gone I'll wish there was a battle being waged from the edge of my tub. So today I'll just enjoy it, and the boy that brings it into my life.

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Tara Ann said...

I'm impressed that he can get out of the tub without knocking them all over! What a fun picture :)