Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I woke up and it was a Chelsea Morning

I'm still smiling about a conversation over lunch last week. I just have to share.
My wonderful friend Shanie, her 3 year old daughter Chelsea and I were out to lunch at our local Mexican restaurant. My meal came with tortillas. Here is what ensued.
Chelsea: Whats in that??
Me: tortillas
Chelsea: No, whats in that? (pointing to tortilla warmer)
Me: Tortillas (and I show her)
Chelsea: (so excitedly) OOOHHHHH those!
Me: do you want one?
C: YES YES YES please.
Shanie: Do you want me to put beans on it and roll it up for you?
C: YES YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSS (she was shaking she was so excited by this idea)
Shanie: So you do want beans on it? (Shanie points to the beans)
C: Oh YES YES YEEESSSSS YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! (rather Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally here)
Shanie puts beans on the tortilla, Chelsea sees this and shouts "OH NO!!! NO! NOT THAT!!!!" and so Shanie scrapes them off. Chelsea enjoys her tortilla sans beans.

A bit later, same table, same lunch.
Shanie and I are chatting.
Out of the blue~
Chelsea: Bears eat Girls.
Me: Really? Bears eat Girls?
C: Yep.
Me: Do they eat boys?
C: No, they eat girls. Bears eat girls.
Me: But not boys?
C: NO they don't eat boys they only eat girls. Bears eat Girls.
Me: What kind of bears?
C: Lion Bears.
Me: Where do these lion bears live?
C: In trees.
Me: In trees around here or far away?
C: FAR FAR Away, in the mountains.
Shanie: What made you think of that?
C: (looking at Shanie as if she is a little slow) Bears.

And possibly my favorite, as we are leaving:
C: Mommy can I have one of those choking things?? Please please can I have a choking thing?
Me: (to Shanie, not thinking I heard correctly) Did she just ask for a choking thing?
Shanie: yes
C: Can I mom? Can I have a choking thing?
Shanie: Ok
And Shanie gets out her change and puts a quarter in the gumball machine. I may never call them gumballs again, to me they may always be "Choking things".


Nicole said...

How cute is she!?!?! I was cracking up at this, thanks for posting it!! Soo Dena it totally exhausts me to look at all you have been doing... Halloween parties and food. Wow!! You should be superwoman for Halloween!!

shanie said...

Hey, I love this story. I want to print it and keep it. She is so so so cute huh? It's funny cause she says stuff like that all the time but I think that i'm so used to it that I don't think to write it down. Thank you. You look so cool for Halloween too. You are superwomen.

Marci said...

That was so cute. If only we had a tape recorder 24/7 of our kids. You captured it so perfectly.
Tell Shanie hi for me.