Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A few ABC's of me

I found this questionnaire on a friend's blog so thought I would answer the questions for fun, and because Spencer wants to help me fill it out.

A - Age: Thirty. That may be the first time since turning 30 that I've seen it in writing.
B - Band listening to right now: Jack Johnson is on right this second but lately I have been on a Counting Crows binge.
C - Career future: I'll be working at my own place. Or being a SAHM, that would be the best if there are any more babies for us? (Spencer thinks I should work at his school so he can see me all day ~how sweet!)
D - Dad’s name: Stan (Spencer says No, his name is Grandpa!)
E - Easiest person to talk to: Depending on the situation its my husband, Emily, Shanie or my dad
F - Favorite type of shoe: Flipity Flops
G – Grapes or Grapefruit: Grapes
H – Hometown: Thayne WY
I – Instrumental talent: I played the piano and the cello but as far as talent goes I'm way better at playing the radio. Spencer says I'll be a great guitar player as soon as I learn.
J – Juice of choice: Worm Juice (I should post the recipe before Halloween eh?)
K – Koala Bear or Panda Bear: With my new Zoo Tycoon pastime with Spencer we like pandas, but koalas would be a fun change
L - Longest car ride ever: from Evanston to here a couple of weeks ago. It is so the LONGEST drive when I'm tired with no cell reception! But really probably the drive to OR or CA from here, or AZ, I dunno.........
M – Middle name: Gary (and Spencer says also Moon now)
N - Number of jobs you’ve had: More than one
O- OCD traits: Let's not rehash the towel folding again. I have found a new one though, the shower curtain must be closed asap after removing myself from the shower. (which is crazy because I always have to peek behind it when I go in to go to the bathroom to check to see if the boogy man is hiding there.
P - Phobia[s]: Besides the boogyman I am terrified of dolls. Spencer says I'm afraid of the house being a mess too. Yep, he knows me well.
Q - Quote: "EMILIO!!!!"
R - Reason to smile: I'm Busy at work this week~! And I have the coolest kids ever.
S - Song you sang last: Lips of an Angel
T - Time you wake up: Around 6:15 on school days, and the weekends its as late as possible
U - Unknown fact about me: I can Flare my nostrils but not nearly to the degree Maria or John can
V - Vegetable you hate: Ham. Oh, is that not a vegetable? Nate, wouldn't Tim say its dairy then since it comes from a farm?
W - Worst habit: Procrastination is definitely the worst!
X - X-rays you’ve had: Teeth, hand
Y - Yummiest food my belly likes: Salmon!
Z - Zodiac sign: Virgo

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