Saturday, October 04, 2008

I know its late but finally, here is Spencer's 8th birthday party

One thing about not having the internet at home (which is still our status) that is oh so sad is not being able to keep up on my blog or on my blog reading. Tonight on an outing with my computer I get to do a little of both!

Homemade Ice Cream and plenty of laughter and a park to run around in with people you love, what could be better?

Here finally are the pictures from Spencer's party. What a fun day! I think this is the first time that we have had a party on the actual day of his birthday, it being a Saturday this year made that easy, and the first year for at least a couple that Spencer got to have so many of his grandparents and both (well actually 3!) of his parents there with him. That was his wish this year -- a party where everyone would be there and with even a great aunt and uncle and some cousins and 3rd cousins as well as good friends we did a fairly good job of letting him have it.

I love the picture of Emily swinging Cannon to kick the ice cream ball. Such a nice big sister!
Spencer and I made his cake this year, it is a "hunting hill" Spencer says. The hunters left their truck at the bottom of the hill near the river and climbed up to the top to hunt deer and turkey. Such fun decorating but of course it was all for the guests to eat, not the birthday boy who DOES NOT like cake!

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