Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And take two goes off without a hitch

Isn't this a good look for John? He decided maybe he'll give up tooth brushing and go be a pirate. The day after the party the kids took turns wearing the teeth. Gross. Kids are gross.
Cowboys, but wounded cowboys. The boys had a blast together this weekend.
Spencer tied Natalie's shoe because "thats what nice brothers do".

Jack Sparrow and the Brawny man.

Natalie is so stinkin' cute isn't she?

Witch's fingers. Yum!
Stirring her brew. Seriously, she is so adorable! And so easy going and lovey!
The party was fun, we had some new friends from our neighborhood come and that was a lot of fun, we were glad they accepted the invite! Tia invited some of her Star Valley friends and got to see them for the first time in over a year so she was pretty happy. And A.J. and Jen made the trip over for hunting and the party and it was fun to see them. I'm sure Jen really appreciated John's comments on how HUGE she looks and how he can't believe she isn't due until December. Tact is what boys are known for right?
We made all sorts of fun food, witch's fingers (garlic bread sticks), mummies (bread stick wrapped hotdogs), witch's brew (cider with dry ice), vomit colored popcorn balls, graveyard cake (chocolate "dirt" cake with tombstones and worms), bloody gut salad, Jen brought eyes to eat. Later that night we had Uncle Boone over for a dinner of brains and guts.
We let our inner redneck shine through again with the extra dry ice and blowing up all the plastic bottles we could find. I was worried it would scare off our new friends but they had fun with it too. Being in Wyoming just brings out the hick in your blood right? haha
We spent that night and much of the next day having karaoke revolution contests and playing guitar hero on the PS2. Oh such fun!!
Take two was oh so much more exhausting than take one. I think that is because just having Spencer is much less work than all 5 kids!

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