Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lets get Tagged

1. Where You Ten Years Ago?

Ten years ago, October 5, 1998. How was that a whole 10 years ago already?? I was just turned 20, just moving in with my brother Jason and sister-in-law Charlotte, working at Wimpole Street Creations and spending my free time with toddler Destrie and waiting anxiously the arrival of baby Deja. Pre-Spencer. I was deciding what to do with my future. (little did I know that any plan I made would be instantly altered a couple of years later when my heart and focus were all on a little boy). Ten years ago today I would meet my roomie Emily in 3 months and Spencer's dad Doug a couple of months after that, whom without each my life would be oh so drastically different. (and not in the good way)

2. What's on Your To Do List Today?

Sewing projects that at the moment live in my head but need more space than that and will soon be actual items to enjoy.

3. What If you Were A Billionaire?

Aside from paying off my car, my education, Spencer's education, a house and all that obvious jazz I would have a huge savings account, I'd find a few organizations supporting causes I'm passionate about and donate. I would take each of our kids and neices and nephews (and my brothers) to Disneyland for their birthdays every year and I'd be a stay at home mom. (and if John wouldn't miss his job too much he could hang out with me everyday too.)

4. Five Places You have Lived?

Have I really only lived in 3 states? Hmmm, Wyoming (but in 4 different towns in Wyoming so we're almost there), Utah (3 different towns), and Arizona (just the one town there I think)

5. Three Bad Habits?

My Pepsi addiction.
Procrastinating things I really do want to do, like catch up with friends.
Procrastinating things I really don't want to do, like clean the lizard habitat.

6. Snacks You Like?

Corn Nuts

7. Who Will You Tag?
Liza because maybe she'll start the blog she's been wanting to start if she has an Idea for the first blog.
Emily because she's getting so she loves Tags.
And everyone else who wants to play, please feel tagged.


Tara Ann said...

Corn nuts? Every time I hear somebody say they like corn nuts I think of Ms. Reeves...

I gave you a blog award over on my blog... stop by and pass it on :)

nandedavis said...

Yeah, another tag!! So interesting to think about how much can happen in ten years. I can't even remember life before my crazy kids!