Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spencer's Dad, the Famous Bull Rider

The other day I told Spencer I had a surprise for him, then I said that actually it was John who had a surprise for him. Spencer's reply was "I know mom, you guys are getting married hu?!". This made me laugh a little knowing that the actual surprise would be much more exciting for my little boy. I told him that no, the surprise isn't a wedding but that John got us tickets to the PBR rodeo in April.
Spencer was so excited! He loves bull riding and he was so excited at the idea of seeing the 'famous' bull riders. He said "Mom, this is where all the most famous bull riders are isn't it? The best ones?" I told him that was right and watched his eyes light up even more as he said " Then my Daddy will be there riding! He's the most famous bull rider!!!! We'll see Dad there!"
How cute is that? To any of you who know Doug, you know that while his bull riding career was a very fun adventure, he was by no means famous. And his bull riding career was called to a screeching halt the day Spencer was born and Doug realized that he wanted to be around to watch his son grow up and that bull riding, especially Doug style, wasn't oh so safe. I just think it is so wonderful that Spencer sees his parents as super heroes!
I did have to let Spencer know that no, Dad won't be riding at PBR this year, but I do hope no one bursts his little bubble too soon. How fun for him to think his dad was a famous bull rider! And how fun for him when he's older and Doug can tell him how it really was and they can laugh over it together.


wilfordfamily2003 said...

I love your blog Dena.
So you'll be in Vegas?
You'll have to give us a call if you have some time. We'll come find you and say hello!


Mendoza Family said...

Hi Dena,
I discovered your blog while looking at Ms.Clacks comments on her blog. (I still remember those days in her class and when I met you in 7th grade.)Neat to think that we can still keep in touch with her after all these years.
Your blog is sooooooo cute and I think Spencer and Rem would make great buddies! Remington would think he had died and gone to heaven to go to the PBR. Hopefully we can take him someday.
Take care.

Dena & CO said...

Mindi, we'll be in Boise, not Vegas. But I will call as soon as I find myself in Vegas!
Marci, I've been looking at your blog too! I agree, our boys would be great friends! And I have loved reconnecting with Ms. Clack. It is amazing what an influence she's been on my life~I'm thankful for those 7th and 8th grade memories!