Sunday, February 10, 2008

My 'littler' boy

I found this video while searching for some pictures on my computer. I had totally forgotten about it and was so happy to hear Spencer's 'littler boy' voice! It brings back so many sweet memories! He has grown into a big boy in such a tiny blink of an eye! I love hearing this little toddler voice! Being a mom is my favorite thing ever, I do love every day and every stage he goes through but everyone was right, it goes SO very fast! I miss those days with this tiny boy. Tiny boy BIG attitude!
Spencer had his tonsils out a little over a year ago. His voice is so different after the tonsils are gone so it is such fun to hear this!


Mary Lynn said...

That is very sweet! I agree with you. Kids just grow up too fast! I'm glad you have this blog. It's awesome!

ginnydog said...

Thanks Dena for giving me this link. I SO do miss that little boy voice too...he is such a wonderful child and I'm so grateful you share him with us. I miss "baggerge" the know....a bag of garbage will ALWAYS be baggerge"