Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Best Friend!! Worst Enemy!!

Spencer and Darien have such a unique relationship! These cousins are 10 months apart in age. They are each other's best friend and also they are that person who can really push the other's buttons!
I am so glad for their friendship and have so much fun watching it grow. These two make me laugh so much! They really have a strong bond, it just depends on the day if they say they are
These two are like siblings, they love each other more than can be measured and can fight just as much.

Most of their time is spent getting along really well and plotting all sorts of crazy adventures. These two have been known to open their own counterfitting business (they were making enough money to buy ALL the toys at Toys R Us....$43!!), they have been known to go on crusades and all kinds of crime fighting adventures. They have been spies and super heroes. They have gone time traveling together and opened their own pet shop. They spend hours whispering and making "plans" that they never tell anyone else about. They also have a wonderful talent to make each other laugh and laugh and laugh.
On days I go pick Spencer up from his cousin's house I am greeted with a round of "you can't take him!!" then Darien will physically protect him from me. Spencer will then help Darien stow away in our car so we can take her home when it becomes apparent that Spencer has to go home.
One great adventure these kids get to have is that they are in the same first grade class! On the first day of class Spencer came home a bit disillusioned and a little confused and sad. He told me that part of his day was horrible because at recess Darien played with GIRLS! "Mom, she didn't even play with me, she only talked to GIRLS! I can't believe she just played with GIRLS!" Meanwhile at Darien's house Charlotte is hearing "Spencer just played with BOYS at recess!!! Why would he do that mom?? He didn't want to play with me, just with BOYS!!" They were both so crushed! They soon worked it out, which is a tough thing when girls have cooties and all. Months ago they lost the privilege to sit together at the same table because they couldn't stop talking. This last week was parent teacher conference and Spencer is doing very well. The advise Ms. Wangsgard gave me was this "Never let Spencer and Darien be in the same class again". To which I replied with something along the lines of how glad I am that they have been able to have this experience. What a great childhood memory to have been in the same class! I am so thankful Spencer has this friendship and special bond with his cousin and I'm so glad they have had the opportunity to be in the same classroom this year! ~I do perhaps feel a little sorry that their spirit has been trying for their teacher but that doesn't come close to comparing to how great it is that they have had this fun adventure! Charlotte (Darien's mom) predicted that we would feel pity for the teacher but happy for these kids when we got the news that they had been placed in the same class. She was right!
It has been wonderful to watch these kids grow up together and wonderful to watch this friendship grow. I am so thankful for family! And so thankful that the past couple of years Spencer's cousins have been just around the corner!

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Mary Lynn said...

Dena, I'm so glad you are my friend. Reading your blog helps me feel so grateful for so many things I overlook. I love you and miss you!