Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cookies Cookies Cookies!

Spencer has been busy this weekend selling cookie dough for his school fund raiser. He is very motivated to win the i-pod by selling enough tubs of cookie dough! Trouble is is that he needs to sell 75 tubs to win the i-pod and that is a lot of tubs of dough for mom to deliver when it comes in! He is doing well though and has already sold 28!!!
He has become quite the salesman, even finding ways to sell cookie dough to people who do not like cookies! There is an M&M cookie dough that Spencer has pointed out that if you don't like cookies you just pick out the M&M's and eat them, get rid of the other part!
I talked with Spencer about what he would do with the i-pod and why it was the prize he was so excited about. He said he wants his very OWN i-pod so he can put his favorite music on it, (The Devil Went Down to Georgia~Charlie Daniel's Band, Cowboy~Kid Rock, I Wanna Talk About Me~Toby Keith, St. Mo~Moses Guest and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer~Burl Ives). And then he informed me that Gran puts books with no pictures on her i-pod but with someone as smart as Uncle Colin around we could figure out how to put books WITH pictures on an i-pod!

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ginnydog said...

I didn't really know he was paying that much attention when I told him I could put books on my I-pod. I am amazed he came up with the idea that Colin could put books with pictures on it...It's true...I do have a screen, and I suppose I could watch video...but Gran's kind of old school...she does like books without pictures!!
Love ya Lots