Tuesday, February 19, 2008

About that Sadie Hawkins picture...

So, about my last post. I got a phone call from my mom who had just read the post about John and I and she'd seen the pictures I put up from high school. She was just wondering if it would be ok with me if she put her copy of our Sadie Hawkins '94 picture back in a frame and put it out. This made me laugh but I told her it would be fine.
The thing with this particular picture is that it has haunted me over the years. It quickly became one of my mom's favorite pictures and she framed it and put it in the family room shortly after the dance. Which for a few years was fine. Then I wasn't dating John anymore, but that picture would not go away! There were other boys that I dated and were invited to my parents' house, and still that picture would not go away! And here is the part that made me crazy...my mom would show said picture to new guy and gush over how much she loved the picture, and how nice John was, and isn't he so good looking? and on and on. Oh yes, tact, pure tact. New boyfriends all loved hearing all about how great John was and how good looking he was and so on.
No matter how much I pleaded with my mother this picture just Would. Not. Go. Away. Eventually I took the picture out of the frame and hid it.
John found it a little odd that I thought it was so funny that my mom called me about this picture and it crossed my mind that he had not been there for the years post break up when this picture was a source of much eye rolling. So I told him the story. He loved it. He laughed and thought it was great. You know, puffed out his chest and flexed his biceps. And strutted, I'm pretty sure he strutted.
For a while I was free from the burden that this picture presented. And now she wants it back. I suppose I'll have to find her a copy.

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