Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our new blog site!

While doctoring the old blog page I decided we needed something new. A fresh start to go with all of our wonderful fresh starts of late!
So here we are. This will be a great way to share our little stories and wonderful moments with our loved ones!


nandedavis said...

You guys look and sound so happy! Yeah!! Have a wonderful day- love the new blog!!

ginnydog said...

ok, I have to catch me up on your fresh starts...
I'm kind of out of the loop here. The only details I get are from the "skunk" and I don't dare ask anyone else what is up and what anyone else is doing. Now that I have an email address and a computer at the apartment maybe we can keep in touch a little more. It would be great if we could.
Charter Member of Spencer's fan club!!

wilfordfamily2003 said...

Beautiful Picture Dena. Precious!!