Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spencer's take on blue eyes

A couple of weekends ago while we were in Thermopolis, Natalie and Sammi noticed that Spencer and I have "eyes like Tia's". This meant we have blue eyes like Tia and everyone else in immediate concern is brown eyed. Tia thought it was great that Spencer and I have eyes to "match" hers. I thought it was interesting what a big deal it was to all the kids.
And I remembered some other blue eyed Spencer stories that I'll share. Spencer used to hear all the time from random people how beautiful his big blue eyes were. (They still are, I don't mean to make it sound like its in the past, he's just older now and understands that blue eyes are not the rarity that he had the impression they were when he was littler).

When he was about 3 or 4 (same age as this picture) Gran told him he had beautiful blue eyes. He agreed then he told Gran she could have beautiful blue eyes too if she tried. When asked how one would try to have blue eyes he told her "Gran if you just got enough rest and better sleep you could have beautiful blue eyes like me instead of your brown ones!" Of course, staying caught up on sleep gets you nice blue eyes! So unrested eyes are brown, and where do green and hazel eyes come in? Are they half rested? haha, funny kiddo!

Another time when he was about that age he climbed in bed with me at the crack of dawn and started chattering away about everything under the sun. My back was to him and I hoped he'd go to back to sleep when I heard "Mommy are you listening? I said Do You Love My Blue Eyes??" I said I did love his blue eyes and he said "Then turn around and talk to me so you can see my blue eyes and I can see your blue eyes!!!"

When asked where he got his blue eyes he used to say, "From God. He gave me Blue eyes to match my mom's.". Makes sense to me!

I do so love these blue eyes and the kid who goes with them! And I love Tia's matching ones, and all the brown eyes around us too!


ginnydog said...

We were sitting at the kitchen table eating with Great Grampa Gordon Miller when that subject came up. Dena had said that lately Spencer was associating his beautiful blue eyes as coming from God. I REALLY did expect him to answer that his beautiful eyes came from God when I asked him where he got them. Grampa Gordon laughed until he darn near fell out of his chair and until he cried when Spencer told me "I could have blue eyes too if I'd just get more rest!" I will never forget that and Grandpa Gordon didn't either. Everytime we talked about it he laughed until he cried. What a wonderful memory....thanks Dena!!

Dena & CO said...

Thank you for filling in the gaps! I had forgotten Grandpa G was there! Thats an important part of the story!