Monday, March 03, 2008

Sort of Siblings?

One of Spencer's recent homework assignments was to write about one of his siblings (yes, in Utah I guess it is safe to assume that a 7 year old must have a sibling!lol). He said he wanted to write about John's daughter Natalie. Now, he does have stepsisters at his dad's, cousins that are like siblings and not too long ago another stepsister and I assumed he would use one of these kids to write about. I pointed out these options and he said "No, I want to write about Natalie, she is pretty much my sister".
"Pretty much your sister? How is that?" I asked.
His answer was full of 7 year old logic and warmed my heart. "Well," he started "she is littler than me and needs me to teach her things, and you and John were boyfriend and girlfriend in high school, and now you guys just hug and smile all the time, and besides, Natalie is really nice! So, she's pretty much my sister!". Well of course, why didn't I see it before he pointed it out? Oh that kid makes me smile! He has such a big heart!
In his writing he
referred to Natalie as his 'sort of sister, Natalie'. I'm sure the teacher had to ask him how she's his 'sort of sister' but I'm glad Spencer has such a special place in his heart for John's kids. I do too, they are wonderful kids!

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