Monday, March 03, 2008

The 5 reasons we were apart for a decade!

While this picture in no way does these goofy kids justice it does show how much fun they have together.
These are the 5 reasons that give me perspective on why John and I had to part for a decade before God brought us back together. Without our going separate ways these kids wouldn't be here, wouldn't be who they are, and that is unthinkable in the worst way!
It has been wonderful to get to know John's kids and to watch them and Spencer form bonds. I am really excited to be a part of their lives, and to continue to know them and teach them and watch them grow.
Tia is the oldest, she is 11 but very much in the "I want to be older. Now." phase. If you ask how old she is, she won't say 11, she will say "Well, on my next birthday I'll be 12!". She is so laid back and so sweet. There can be a roomful of kids all clamoring for their own agenda and Tia is the peace keeper, she is fine to just go with the flow. She is smart and and funny and beautiful (which will some day soon make her dad a very nervous and protective guy!) Right now Tia loves music, all music, she just got a phone that is also an mp3 player and loves putting new music on it!
David is 9 for another couple of weeks until his 10th birthday. He is a boy who wants to be just like his dad. He wants to look like his dad, act like his dad, think like his dad. I've noticed that before declaring an opinion on something he'll check with John to see what he thinks. And he does have a great dad so these are great aspirations! He is a very loving kid and always up for a hug but tries to also be the 'tough guy'. He takes the responsibility of having sisters very seriously and always checks to make sure they are ok. He and Spencer have bonded over video games and they each love having another boy around, they stick together!
Samantha (Sammi) is 8. She is loving and silly and fun and also has an intense streak that keeps everyone on their toes. She is such an animal lover, she is always carrying at least one toy animal and treating it like a real pet. Her big wish right now is to have a doberman pincher~a BIG one! She loves my parents horse/dog Lacy (who is a mastiff~great dane mix) and is very loving and careful with all animals. Sammi gives Spencer a run for his money at sword fighting and she has such creativity at writing stories and inventing fun games!
Then in the lineup falls my Spencer who is 7. What to say about Spencer? He is my world. He is the best thing that's ever happened to me and I am so thankful to be his mom! He is so smart! People have been telling me from the time he was little how smart he is (and how cute!). He is so loving and sensitive and has an intuition about him to see when someone is sad or upset and tries to make them feel better. He is the world's biggest Godzilla fan (following maybe only Chase), he has found a new found love of reading (yay), he is very much a grandparent kid and has always had a special bond with all of his grandparents (he is really lucky to have 4 wonderful grandparents who love him so much and lucky to have known so many of his great grandparents). He loves laughing and I don't think there is anyone I love laughing with more than this little boy!
Then there is Natalie who is 6. She will be the first to inform you that she is "the widdelest!" with her little bottom lip jutting out far like being the littlest is a bad thing! She is tiny but a huge ray of sunshine and personality. She is so loving and caring, I have very rarely seen someone so young that is so conscious of other peoples feelings. She keeps up with the big kids just fine and is happy with everyone and everything. Last weekend, however, she did inform me that she found out she has disease. When I asked her what disease, she said (with that bottom lip out further than you'd think possible and a huge sigh to go with it) "I found out at school that I have a disease called Girl Cooties!" (Hopefully its treatable!lol)
It seems unfair that John and I had to spend so much time away from each other when it is just so right for us to be together until you take a minute to look at these amazing people that we get in our lives because of our little hiatus! I am so thankful that our paths have crossed again and that the path will be together from here on out and so thankful for these kids that I wouldn't get otherwise!

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