Wednesday, November 17, 2010

List it Tuesday 11/17

I've been meaning to play along since the first Tuesday Aimee started List it Tuesday.  Somehow Tuesday always ends before I get around to it!  Not today though.  Here is my list.  And here is the link to Aimee's blog, Artsyville,  to go read her's and follow her links to see everyone else's lists today.

Indecisive?  Who, me?  Ok, perhaps.  Now and then.  It feels like a time for 'to do' lists, as there is a lot I need to get done.  Just one?  Which one?  So here is my to do list of more to do lists needing made.  I couldn't narrow down a list but thinking about it made me realize there are a lot of lists yet to be made to organize all that is going on in my brain!  Already I realize there are even a couple more I should make.  Hmmm, off to make lists maybe?

1 comment:

aimee said...

a list of lists! i love it! #2 could consume weeks...months...years!